Business Coverages

What We Offer

L. Calvin Jones & Co. represents insurance companies that support a wide range of business insurance. Our agency will conduct a free risk management analysis and provide you with an annual premium indication.

Your Business is Important to Us

However, that is only the beginning of our partnership.  L. Calvin Jones & Co. affords a completely tailored service program to around your insurance contract, without charging any additional fees.  Included are annual policy reviews including but not limited to detailed coverage explanations, access to our complete staff of Business insurance specialists that are familiar with the risks involved within your industry, as well as updates on the changes in the current insurance marketplace and the effect this may have on your program.

Listed below are several of the services afforded to your business by simply choosing to do business with our agency:

  1. Coverage Review/Explanation – Identifies any uncovered exposures in your current program. We will define any deficiencies in coverage as well as provide recommendations to address these areas.
  2. Claims Analysis – Your business claims experience directly affects the premium cost of your insurance program. What many business owners do not realize is the agents’ ability to negotiate current loss reserves as well as convey measures taken by the client in order to avoid further losses similar in nature.  This allows for a safer work environment along with continuing to receive the most favorable insurance pricing for your company.
  3. Market Analysis – Shopping to potential carriers is a skill that our agency has mastered over its 102 years of operation. We will provide a list of the leading carriers in your industry and their interest in insuring your business.  In addition, show you areas that will increase the desirability of insuring your operation.  The ultimate goal is to have every leading insurance carrier in your industry competing for your business; generating the most competitive price.
  4. Safety Analysis – Our process will uncover additional ways to assist you in managing your current safety program. If you do not have a formal safety program, we will assist as much as desired in the installation of one.  We have a number of resources available and will provide as many as possible in order to offer the most cost effective solution to your business.