Group Health

Ohio Group Health Insurance

Give Your Group Health Policy Another Look.

Are you satisfied with your group health insurance?  Are you paying too much? You might be. If so, is this the time to be doing that? What if you could offer your employees the same or better coverage for less money?

Let us compare your plan with what’s available in the market.

Or what if you didn’t offer health insurance to your employees at all? After all, there is no law exists that says you have to provide it.

However, if you paid your best employee the same as a competitor but the competitor offered health insurance, would your employee leave? Probably. If not right away, he or she would be looking which would be very disruptive for your business. As you know, many good workers take jobs just for the health insurance.

So, you do want to offer health insurance to your employees.

At What Cost?

But with the way the economy is, it might be time to reassess your provider. Are you receiving the best for your employees and your business? The group health insurance professionals at L. Calvin Jones & Co. will procure several plans for you. From deductibles to the physician network to coverages offered, we will help you sort out the programs that work best for your situation.

L. Calvin Jones & Co. sells and services health insurance and employee benefit plans. We are able to review existing health plans in order to discover any cost savings opportunities. We have established relationships with the leading health insurance companies so that we can work on behalf of our client, not the insurance company.  With over 25 years experience in the health insurance industry we are able to obtain the highest level of benefits at the best possible price.

At L. Calvin Jones & Co. we have provided group health insurance for the forward thinking businesses of Ohio since 1911. This includes keeping up on all of the changes in the industry brought about by the economy and new laws.

In these turbulent times and on this changing health insurance landscape, you need to review your group health policy every year.