Customer Testimonials

sheelysSheely’s Furniture & Appliance

“L. Calvin Jones provides extraordinary personal service… far above and beyond the call of duty.”

– Dale & Sherry Sheely

crelectricC & R Electric, Inc.

“L. Calvin Jones has taken us to the next level…delivering the utmost professional service for our insurance and bonding needs.”

– Jason Rubin

Southern Road & Bridge

“The team I work with at L. Calvin Jones & Co have been more than helpful and super nice about it. If I have any questions, they are quick to answer them or get me an answer in a timely manner if they do not know. Even if it’s not related to their job scope. They have gone out of their way and called state DOTs, procurement departments for small towns and other facilities because they knew I was overwhelmed and/or was unsure what to do. They have really helped me get comfortable in my job role. The girls there are insanely nice and understanding. They have been more than a pleasure to work with.”

–Karli Beglan

Boak & Sons, Inc.

“L. Calvin Jones is dedicated to providing great protection. Their knowledge of the insurance industry keeps them far ahead of the competition”

– Samuel G. Boak

TerreriDaniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc.

“We would like to thank our Agent and all the employees at L. Calvin Jones for all your expertise in continually meeting our bonding, real estate development, auto, health, home and life insurance needs. Your professionalism is to be commended and your dedication is applauded. We look forward to many more years of continued cooperation.”

– Dan Terreri

University Electric

“L. Calvin Jones personal attention to detail allows us to focus on our business while not worrying about our insurance and bonding needs.”

– Kevin Beilg

Karl B. Schroedel II

“Dear Al and Cindy: I wanted to thank you both for the excellent job you did on processing my claim for mold damage to our house. I know that the coverage endorsement included in my policy giving me specific coverage for this casualty was not part of the normal homeowner’s insurance policy. Your foresight to include this additional coverage rider speaks tremendously to your dedication to providing excellent service to your customers. I am grateful to have you as my agent and appreciate the benefit of all your services. Thanks again!!”

– Karl B. Schroedel II

CoatesMike Coates Construction Company

“We’ve been with L. Calvin Jones for over 15 years. Our insurance needs change often, but our Agent makes the necessary policy adjustments to keep us protected. Our agent understands the many risks associated with our business, building construction; and the company represents a variety of quality insurance companies.”

– Mike Coates

United Freezer and Storage Company

“Dear Mark, I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you and your team at L. Calvin Jones. Your knowledge, professionalism, approach and attitude are impressive. Hopefully many more companies will benefit, as we did, from your services and experience. If we can be a reference for you in the future, we will be more than happy to let others know your firm really “goes the extra mile” to understand our business and insurance needs.”

–Diane L. Perica

DearingDearing Compressor & Pump Co.

“We confidently recommend L. Calvin Jones as your insurance partner. They have always gone the extra mile to truly understand our business!”

– Richard H. Dearing

ValleyValley Foods

“L. Calvin Jones & Company has been servicing all of the Valley Food’s insurance and bonding needs for over 25 years. They are truly professional people who are constantly working for their customers.”

– John A. Valley