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Ohio Bar, Tavern & Pub Insurance

A bar, tavern, or pub often vary in their signature theme. Maybe you are the local shot-and-a-beer bar or the not “it” gastro pub. Do you cater to dart teams or bowling teams? Are you a favorite spot for Sunday football or Thursday night billiard games? Do you have multiple screens for Monday night football, or do you have a raised dance floor? 

We will find the unique exposures inherent in your business and make sure your bar, tavern or pub insurance policy identifies and solves your problems. We will provide coverages that include property, liability, and business interruption insurance.

As the majority of payments now come in the form of credit cards, much of your employee and customer information is on your computer system or on your website. This makes a comprehensive cyber liability and data breach program essential, as it is a necessity of the modern business world. If you have a website, you need to be aware of the liability that comes with it and how to shield yourself from the potential repercussions of that liability.

We know that your business relies heavily on its heating and cooling systems. Does your current policy pay the repair costs for a breakdown and replacement of perishable goods that are destroyed as a result?  Do you have an extensive wine cellar?  Would the breakdown of your heating and cooling system cause temperature fluctuations that could ruin this valuable product?

If you serve a client his last drink and he is legally responsible for an auto accident, do you have the coverage necessary so that your business does not also become a casualty?

Multi-million-dollar injury awards are more commonplace every day. Are you carrying enough liability coverage for a major loss?

Your kitchen equipment is a major asset to your bar, tavern or pub. Your local health and fire departments both take an intense interest in its cleanliness. Quarterly hood cleanings by qualified contractors are becoming a standard requirement by insurance companies. Proper maintenance of your fire extinguishing system and its ability to suppress a fire caused by your grill or fryers can be warranted by many insurance companies.

At L. Calvin Jones & Company, our bar, pub, and tavern specialists are familiar with NFPA standards in your kitchen fire suppression equipment and their maintenance schedules. We understand that prevention is the best cure for kitchen fires. Should a fire occur, we are there with uniquely qualified contractors, such as fire restoration specialists that will have you resuming your business operations as soon as possible.

What are the questions that keep YOU awake at night? Can you afford not to explore every possible coverage?

In contrast to many banks and financial services firms that also sell insurance, our single focus is insurance. By using insurance companies with expertise in bars, taverns, and pubs, this means claims professionals who possess vast experience in the industry. They are dedicated to resolving your claim quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are a sports bar, gastro-pub, or local tavern, L. Calvin Jones has a highly accredited staff with over 150 years of combined experience ready to serve you. That is why our customers constantly rank us among the best of the best.

Before one more plate of food goes out or one more draft is drawn, make sure that you are covered from the risks that are inherent in your business type.