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Ohio Car Wash Insurance

There is a lot of responsibility in being a car wash owner, and it only takes one claim to potentially put you out of business. Are you protected? If you are not fully protected and that claim occurs, your reputation is also at stake. At L. Calvin Jones & Co., we want to make sure that you are fully protected and have a successful business.

One main success of your car wash is the cars that go through it every day. On average you could hundreds of thousands of dollars in vehicles that you are responsible for.

We can provide insurance coverage to the following car wash types:

  • Full Service Detail Shop
  • Automatic Touchless
  • Automatic Brush
  • Self Service
  • Or a combination of the above


A reasonably priced, comprehensive car wash insurance policy can offer the following coverage:

  • Business Property coverage – Coverage that will cover all the buildings on the premises that are used in conjunction with the business and your personal property that you own or are owned by others.
  • Customer Vehicle Damage Insurance – Covers your customer’s vehicle while in your car wash or on the premises.
  • General Liability Coverage – Coverage that will protect you from property damage and bodily injury if you are held liable and will protect you from lawsuits
  • Lost revenue or Loss of Income – If a disaster should happen, like a tornado, and it destroys the car wash, this will put you out of business for some time. How will you live if this is your only source of income? Loss of Income will assist you in maintaining and continuing your current standard of living.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Coverage that can assist you in making repairs due to a malfunction in the equipment or a short in the electrical system. Unfortunately, it does not cover wear and tear and regular use of the equipment.


Besides the above-mentioned coverages, you may also want to consider others.

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Umbrella Liability coverage
  • Theft of money


Now that you have read the coverages listed above, are you confident that you are fully protected? Consider if someone should slip and fall, a vehicle gets damaged in your care, or if your equipment is down due to a malfunction.

Insurance is a valuable part of your business. Working with our expert agents and knowing that we have access to several insurance companies and specialized programs including coverage enhancements for your business, you will feel confident that in the event of a loss that you are covered.

Car wash insurance is available to any owner of an auto wash facility, in order to protect against losses arising from damage to your property or a customer’s property.

Therefore, whether you own one car wash or several, you can purchase affordable Car Wash Insurance coverage with piece of mind that L. Calvin Jones & Co. is here to help you stay in business.

Do not let another car pass through your wash without knowing that you are protected from potential claims.