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Ohio Day Care & Child Care Insurance

Did you know that 61% of children under five years old need childcare assistance?  The majority of these children are cared for by relatives, but roughly 6.7 million children are in day care centers or a Head Start program.

Because of the large demand for these services, many new companies are finding it easy to compete in this growing market. However, as with any business, Day Care owners face many risks that can threaten their growing business.

Day Care Insurance specifically meets the needs of childcare businesses. It can provide liability insurance as well and property insurance. Policies come with many options that can be catered to your specific needs.

No matter if you have a center for day care or care for children from your home, you need insurance. Most states require insurance in order for you to operate. While your state may have strict guidelines you must adhere to, insurance companies may require even more requirements to help you limit the exposure to liability lawsuits.

If you care for children in your home, do not expect your homeowner’s policy to provide coverage. Your carrier may even non-renew your homeowner’s policy if they discover you are running a business out of your home in Ohio without Day Care insurance.

We live in a litigious society and there are many instances where your Day Care business may face a liability suit.  Even if charges are dropped, the cost of defense is enormous. Liability insurance provides coverage for the court costs and legal fees associated with any covered loss.

Both general liability and premises liability are necessary when you welcome the public onto your property. Children tend to get injured and even if minor, your facility may be liable for the expenses.

Professional liability can cover your teachers and childcare workers. Your Day Care center can be sued if a member of your staff shows negligence or indifference to a child’s needs and safety. Lawsuits can come from mental, physical, or emotional abuse of the children.

You may need to carry commercial auto insurance if you are transporting the children. You may also need coverage for employees that are using their own vehicles to transport the children.

  • If one of your employees strikes a child or is accused of administering corporal punishment, your business may be liable.
  • Day Care insurance can also provide abuse and molestation liability if an employee turns out to be sexually or otherwise abusive of a child. This could cause major fines.
  • Larger Day Care centers in Ohio may benefit for additional liability insurance with an umbrella policy.


If you own the day care building, you will want to make sure that you provide proper coverage to protect your investment. You will also want coverage to protect the contents inside. Even if you do not own the building, you will need to cover cribs, toys, books, and electronics. If your business is damaged by fire, extreme weather, vandalism, or theft, you may be able to receive reimbursement for your loss.

You can also include outdoor equipment coverage for your Day Care Center, such as swings and sandboxes.

Many more options are available, and our agency will be happy to review them with you. Our goal is to ensure peace of mind for our clients and their business with effective insurance solutions. With a highly accredited staff and over 150 years of combined insurance experience amongst our principals, our service to clients is second to none.

Worried about costs? Don’t be. We offer Canfield Day Care insurance with some of the most affordable protection available with flexible billing options.