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Environmental / Pollution Insurance


Your business may be causing pollution without realizing. Manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and facility owners, all carry the risk of producing, storing, or emitting hazardous waste materials.


Environmental / Pollution Insurance is a type of business insurance that is designed to respond to claims for loss or damage resulting from unexpected releases of pollutants. The losses or damages often arise in the form of claims against insureds for bodily injury, property damage, cleanup costs, and business interruption.


  1. Calvin Jones offers Environmental / Pollution Insurance that provides your business with broad coverage for a range of premises-based environmental liabilities and exposure management.


Many industries are susceptible to environmental and pollution risks and it is important for businesses to recognize that Environmental / Pollution Insurance provides coverages needed with respect to pollution and environmental risks, that are not covered by standard Property and Liability Insurance policies.


The most common Environmental / Pollution Insurance coverages include:


1.Premises Pollution Liability- covers first party claims associated with a pollution condition on the premises of the insured.


2.Contractors Pollution Liability- covers the bodily injury, property damage, and remediation costs for which a contractor who causes a pollution condition is liable.


3.Errors and Omissions Liability- helps cover losses that result from wrongful acts performed in the rendering of professional services.


The insurance experts at L. Calvin Jones will design an Environmental / Pollution Insurance program that covers the unique risks of your business. We will take the time to uncover hidden exposures, to make sure that you have the best possible coverage at the best possible cost.


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