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Ohio Health & Fitness Business Insurance

As health and fitness continue to become a larger part of our culture, the number of businesses continues to grow here in the Mahoning Valley. With so many new facilities sprouting up, membership is important to your success. You want your members to know that you are devoted to helping them stay in shape. But there are unique risks associated with the health and fitness business. Without the proper insurance protection, you could sustain catastrophic losses that might cripple or even bankrupt your business.

Below are a few real-life examples of such possible claims:

A club member was injured when the handlebars of the spin bicycle he was using collapsed, which resulted in the client falling off the bike and sustaining an injury. The instructor of the spin class started the class, as she always did, with instructions as to safety and form when participating in the class. In this instruction, she directs each participant to tighten and adjust their bike prior to use; she even stated that it was each member’s responsibility. As this member was a new participant in this particular class, the instructor told the member to remain in the bicycle seat for the first session. However, the member attempted to do a “standing flat” maneuver and incorrectly placed his weight on the handlebars. The health club was still held responsible for the resultant injuries sustained by the club member. The claim totaled $12,860.

Two tennis court domes are attached to the insured building. In an incident, the portable light fixtures toppled over in the domes. When the light fixtures toppled over, they hit a container that was used for the storage of tennis balls. The broken glass from the lights became embedded in a number of the tennis balls, making them a hazard to use, thus worthless. All of the damaged property in the dome had to be replaced, essentially the majority of the interior of the structure. The claim totaled $35,315.

In the pool control room of one health club, a pipe burst shorting out the electrical boxes and, as a result, the pool had to be drained and cleaned. Due to the pipe burst, a fire had started in the electrical box, shutting off electricity in the building for the period of time it took to repair. Due to the power outage, the pool filtration system stopped working and therefore the pool had to be drained, cleaned, and refilled. The pool pump, water heater, and furnace were all damaged by the fire, water, and subsequent power outage. Fortunately, the property coverage the health club had in its policy not only paid to repair all damaged items and restore all subsequent items, but also paid for the loss of income the health club suffered. The claim totaled $86,922.

Without the proper protections, your customers as well as your business could be in great jeopardy. Without health and fitness insurance how would you demonstrate that you are a serious and professional business owner? You want fitness insurance and gym insurance for your industry specific needs, as well as business insurance that provides property and workers compensation coverage. At L. Calvin Jones & Co. we make sure your policy is tailored specifically for your business and covers everything from equipment breakdown to cyber liability.

We understand that health and fitness insurance is an integral part of your business and we take pride in providing top-of-the-line service for you, your business, and your customers. Our passion for health and fitness insurance makes it easier for you to share your passion of health and fitness with everyone. Our bottom line is that you need coverage that incorporates both fitness insurance and gym insurance in addition to a traditional business insurance program.

Let L. Calvin Jones & Co. create a health and fitness program specific to your business needs.