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Ohio Janitorial Insurance

You worked hard to make your janitorial business successful, so keep it that way by protecting your business and your future. Janitorial Insurance applies to any business that provides cleaning and maintenance services such as window washing, janitorial services, and office cleaning. At L Calvin Jones, we represent a wide range of insurance carriers who are able to provide a vast array of coverages for your unique business.

As a janitorial service provider, you are working mainly on someone else’s property, which causes increased liability exposures to your business and unique claim possibilities. The following is just a sample of the possible claims that could arise out of your day-to-day operations.

  • And employee gets into an accident on the way to a jobsite
  • A customer slips and falls while walking through your work area and gets hurt
  • You or an employee are mugged while making a deposit
  • An employee accidentally damages the client’s property
  • An employee gets hurt while performing a job
  • A potential employee sues you for discrimination after not being hired
  • A fire destroys your equipment and your employees are not able to work
  • You are sued because an employee stole from a client
  • An employee causes an electrical short while cleaning and causes the client lost time and money
  • A subcontractor allows their insurance to lapse and causes damage on the jobsite


Having the right Janitorial Insurance coverage will help protect you and your business from potential claims. Consider the following insurance when looking for protection.

  • General Liability – protects your business from alleged personal injury or property damage including protection for services you provide
  • Business Personal Property – provides coverage for contents owned by your firm and used in your daily operations
  • Workers Compensation – provides coverage for accidents or disease arising from employment as prescribed by state laws
  • Umbrella Insurance – provides a higher limit of coverage over scheduled underlying policies
  • Scheduled Equipment – insures scheduled items for the amount listed in the policy
  • Business Income – insures you against loss of income caused by a covered peril
  • Employment Practices Liability – protection against lawsuits for alleged employment related exposures such as wrongful termination or harassment.
  • Leased & Rented Equipment – provides protection for equipment that is leased, rented, or borrowed from others
  • Employee Dishonesty – covers losses sustained by you due to fraudulent or dishonest acts of employees


The cost of Janitorial Service is far less than the potential loss if a claim were to occur. Can you afford a claim without the proper protection? Protect your business and your employees by contacting L Calvin Jones to learn more about Janitorial Insurance.

Janitorial insurance is a policy that protects your business from general business liabilities and risks that are specific to your off-site business and is available to all owners of businesses that work in the maintenance industry.

Here are a few reasons why you should get started right away!

  1. To make sure that you are protected before your employees step foot on another client’s property.
  2. To make sure your equipment and business personal property is protected against damages caused by fire, equipment breakdown, theft, and water back up to name a few.
  3. To protect your company’s reputation by allowing the insurance carrier to respond to potential claims.
  4. It gives your company an edge over other competitors by being able to provide current clients and potential future clients with proof of janitorial insurance coverage.