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Ohio Liquor Liability Insurance

Imagine the following scenario; a library was holding a special event to honor a local writer, during the event liquor was sold. A guest became intoxicated during the party and fell down a flight of stairs, suffering severe injuries. The guest sued the library, among others, and the library was found liable for a substantial amount due to the sale of liquor at the event. The claim was paid under the liquor liability for the event.

A garden club held an auction, selling tickets that included appetizers, dinner and two glasses of wine. An intoxicated guest ran his car into an elderly patron, killing him instantly. The garden club was included in the lawsuit and the court found them liable for partial restitution, even though the driver of the car had been drinking prior to attending the event, as the wine added to the driver’s condition. Unfortunately, they did not purchase liquor liability for this event, so no coverage was available. The Club, a non-profit organization, was ordered to pay a settlement in the high six figures.

At a catered event, two patrons got into a fight, where serious injuries were incurred. Again, liquor liability coverage paid the costs for the resulting claim.

An intoxicated patron leaves a bar and causes a traffic accident, causing damages and injuries. The bar is among the defendants in the case and the liquor liability they carry will pay for the resulting judgment.

Some scenarios are not as obvious to the court system. In a case where a hotel offers a free of charge cocktail hour, there have been split decisions as to responsibility. In this instance, as with many possible other scenarios where an actual charge does not apply, some states are split on the question of liquor liability and how it fits into the case. However, in the majority, the purchase of liquor liability protected the defendants where other coverage did not apply. In other words, you cannot count on the same outcome for every scenario where liquor is involved.

Owning a business where the sale of alcohol takes place or hosting an event where liquor is served always involves an element of risk. L. Calvin Jones & Company can help you protect your company against loss or damages claimed as a result of a patron of your business becoming intoxicated and injuring themselves or others.  Also, if your business manufactures, sells, serves or facilitates the use or purchase of alcohol, then you too need liquor liability coverage.

Historically, there has been confusion about the need for liquor liability; whether you are in the business of the manufacture or sale of liquor or if you are simply hosting an event where liquor is served, liquor liability insurance is a valuable tool that can protect you in the event of a loss due to the intoxication of an individual.  Court decisions and new state statutes regarding liquor are holding vendors, event hosts, etc. increasingly responsible for damages.

  1. Calvin Jones & Company can offer you the coverage you need, whether you are involved in the liquor industry merely hosting an event where liquor is served. We understand the need for the protection and we offer competitive quotes. We can discuss the legal issues with you and place the coverage that will best protect you and your business.

Call L. Calvin Jones & Company for your liquor liability coverage, so we can obtain quotes and bind coverage for your business or event.