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Ohio Salon and Barber Shop Insurance

Personal appearance is very important to our society, no matter your age or income. Because of this, there are plenty of salons and barber shops to choose from. Ohio state laws require that all beauty shop workers including barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists, and nail technicians complete a minimum of 1500 hours of hands on experience and meet state requirements to lawfully practice their trade. These businesses like any other need to have the proper insurance in place to protect them against financial loss and hardship.

Layers of Coverage

Just like the layers your beautician or barber cuts in your hair, there are also layers to the insurance coverage that a salon or barber shop needs:

  • Property Insurance – to cover the damages to your shop or styling equipment from losses due to for example; bursting water pipes, burglary, theft, and water- backup from sewers or drains.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – to guard against lawsuits due to damages from your services, such as scissors or curling iron injuries or burning someone’s scalp due to improper mixing of hair chemicals.
  • General Liability Insurance – to protect your salon or barber shop from someone slipping or falling in the salon or in the parking lot.
  • Worker’s Compensation – to cover any employees who may become injured or ill while on the job.


Cut Out Coverage’s

Some policies will exclude certain coverage’s such as body piercing, tanning, tattooing, hair transplants, electrolysis, or selling of private label hair products. This is why it is important for you to contact L. Calvin Jones & Co. to discuss the exposures that your salon or barber shop has. Let our professional staff talk to you about the risks associated with owning a barber shop or beauty salon and what coverages are best for you.

Obtaining full coverage for your salon or barber shop will protect your company from large losses that may cause you to close your doors indefinitely. The cost of your coverage depends on what coverages you choose, your location, credit history, size and type of the building, and the number of employees on staff.

  1. Calvin Jones & Co. can provide you with a risk analysis to help you organize risk control, such as schedule cleaning of the floors to reduce your slip and falls. Keeping snow and debris from the walkway and parking lot to prevent slip and falls outside your business. Continuous retraining of employees on how to mix hair chemicals will reduce your risk of burning someone’s scalp or improperly applying products. Security cameras are a great deterrent for employee theft.

Tailored Resources

Just like you tailor a hairstyle to your client, you should also tailor your business to professional resources and affiliations. Being a part of a national organization of professional hairdressers and barbers helps increase your credibility to your customers and confirms your professionalism. These resources will provide you with a variety of resources that will strengthen your business tactics and reduce your risk for a loss. Let the experts at L. Calvin Jones & Co. help you take precautions to prevent losses such as:

  • Employee Safety – Two or more employees should work each shift. This will protect against employee theft and will also decrease the chance of being burglarized. A salon or barber shop with one hairstylist is a prime target for a criminal.
  • Safety Measures – Be sure to have plenty of exterior and interior lighting around the salon or barber shop to decrease the risk of crimes at night. All back doors should be locked and dead bolted. Front doors should have a warning devise such as a bell that will alert when someone comes into the salon or barber shop.
  • Equipment Safety – Store all hazardous materials away from clients in a backroom to avoid any issues. Make sure sharp objects such as scissors or razors are kept in drawers out of reach of young children and customers.


Don’t let another client leave your stylist chair without proper Salon and Barber Shop Insurance from L. Calvin Jones!