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Ohio Towing / Recovering Insurance

Ohio Towing / Recovering Insurance

It was a dark and stormy night…

There is a car on the side of the road with a flat tire. Who do they call?

Towing Insurance provides you peace of mind with a stable insurance carrier while still providing you with savings on your premiums. Our coverage will provide you with the best available protection at competitive rates.

Our custom coverage provides liability for your premises, personal, and advertising injury and any damages to any vehicle that may result from work you perform at your shop. Our tow truck insurance will cover customer’s vehicles while being transported to or from any location to your shop.

Tow Truck Insurance will cover your tow trucks. Roll backs can also be covered as a part of a complete package. That package can include property coverage for your building, business personal property including tools and loss of income and extra expenses that you might incur as the result of a loss.

The majority of your employee and customer information is now on your computer system or on your website, which makes a comprehensive cyber liability and data breach program essential. This recent coverage is a necessity of the modern business world. If you have a business website, then you need to be aware of the liability that comes with it and how to shield yourself from the potential repercussions of that liability.

In our litigious world, we always suggest our clients be mindful of employment practices liability and the need for excess liability in the form of an umbrella. Multi-million-dollar injury awards are becoming commonplace within the industry.

Highlights of our program can include:

  • Miscellaneous Equipment and Tools
  • On-Hook Cargo
  • No minimum or maximum size
  • A-rated carriers
  • Body and Repair Shop Exposures
  • Used Car Exposure


The vast majority of businesses lack the financial strength to self-insure their pollution exposures.  Since every business is impacted by these exposures, consideration needs to be given to the three main benefits that pollution insurance for Canfield Towing Insurance provides:

  • Defense Costs: These liabilities are relatively new and litigious. Even if you do nothing wrong, you may still get named in a suit and have to expense defense costs, such as legal fees.
  • Claim Management: All policies come with specialists to assist you in handling your claim.
  • Third Party Liability: Many times, the cost to clean up the environmental problem is far less than the claims that come in from third parties for bodily injury, property damage and business interruption.


As part of our program, we provide loss control services to assist you with municipal and regulatory requirements and to help prevent losses before they happen. We can assist you with safety meetings for your drivers and develop return to work and absence management programs for your Workmen’s Compensation plan.

While other agencies insure tow truck operators as an exception, we have developed our expertise by consistently providing insurance for all types of garage risks.

In contrast to many banks and financial services firms that also sell insurance, our single focus is insurance and by using insurance companies with towing expertise, it means claims professionals with vast experience in the industry. We are dedicated to resolving your claim quickly and efficiently. Despite the best safety precautions, accidents happen and it’s important to make sure that you’re covered.

With a highly accredited staff and 150 years of combined expertise amongst our principals, our service to clients is second to none!

Worried about costs?  Don’t be. We offer towing insurance and tow truck insurance with some of the most affordable protection available. We offer direct-bill installment plans with flexible billing options.

Before one more tire is changed…before one more vehicle is pulled from a ditch…make sure you are covered for the risks that are inherent in your business.